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    Kansas City premier gamification, technology, education and creative company.
  • Technology

    Contact our technology team today!Technology is at the heart of everything we do. We help your company use technology to solve business problems, as a sales tool, to improve marketing, impact recruiting and increase employee satisfaction. Some people call us magicians, some technicians but most know what we do by it's formal name; technology strategy. Technology strategy is a pretty simple concept actually. We simply ask (and answer) how do we create, deliver and capture value using your existing technology assets? For example; let's say your organization has decided to finally (again) make people use that expensive CRM you purchased. How do you start? Why hasn't it worked before? Where is all our customer information? That's where we come in. Or let's say you've got a website but it sucks. Or you've got a great website but you're not seeing any new sales. Or maybe your web strategy is to put it on Facebook and hope for the best. No matter the complexity of the problem we've got you covered with simple, easy to implement proven steps - all a part of a comprehensive technology strategy. We can use any technology resource in the toolbox to drive your business goal; mobile, web, social media, IPTV, traditional advertising, email marketing...we've mastered it all. Plain speak; if you don't have a technology strategy your employees and your customers are creating it for you. Let us put you back in control. Contact our technology strategy team today.
  • Education

    For over twenty years we've studied the business of education from the inside and along the way learned to manage it from the outside. We've led classroom training and education for K-12, public and private universities, technical colleges and corporate training departments. We've developed course-ware and curricula utilizing instructional design best practices. We've had experience with almost every distance learning software package on the market and even gone so far as to create our own learning methodology; the Rapid Learning System.

    This video was captured by AdCuda at a Kansas City Google leadership event discussing mega-band connectivity and its potential to improve education in the near future.

  • Creative

    :) You hear it all the time:
    "I wish I was creative"
    "I don't have a creative bone in my body"
    "How do they come up with stuff like that?"

    Ever wanna meet those guys?

    Well, you've come to the right place. Creativity is a beautifully weird space that Doug and Scott play well in. They bring a dynamic to problem solving and ideation that can't be taught. A 20 year friendship affords them the ability to vibe and riff of each other in a similar manner that jazz musicians in a band play off of one another.

    Its honest, its quick and it gets done in a very unique way.
    Call us and let "it" start working for you.
  • Gamification

    “You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.”  ― Plato

    Gamification is on everyone's radar these days. There are industry summits , expert opinions and plenty of great big new ideas. The results are in and the proof is overwhelming that gamification can be applied to almost any business endeavor. Engaging customers through casual use technology like social media platforms, increasing employee satisfaction, ideation and of course marketing and sales.

    Gamification powers our trademarked Rapid Learning System and is our passion. Chasing the goal of weaving play into work seems like a bright and shiny distraction to some but we believe that the evidence shows it's not only possible it's inevitable.

    If you've arrived at this page and still don't feel like you know what gamification is or how it can benefit your company but you're interested in learning more contact our founder Doug Richards to request a free presentation to your leadership team.
  • Managed Crowd

    Crowd sourcing has been a part of the creative freelance culture since the birth of the internet yet it has only recently been considered a viable business practice.

    The main concern of organization using crowd sourcing consistently centers around the anonymity. Crowds allow us to  buy down the cost of tasks but limit our ability to establish a relationship with the individual delivering our service.

    This is why we created the Managed Crowd. Using the simple notion that all work performed by our crowd is managed by B2i Ventures we deliver exceptional quality work at a massively discounted rate. All our work is local to the Kansas City metro market and is managed directly by our principles.  
  • B2i Gives Back

    As B2i Ventures we believe in giving back to the Kansas City community however we can. Often times that's board service on local cause or donating web development, copy or design services. Our service extends to an annual commitment to developing some of the most ambitious charity organizations. For 2012 our commitment has been to the At Ease Project., a Veterans focused effort helping ease our warriors back to wellness. B2i Ventures designed and developed all the electronic assets including the website, the logo and the social campaign. Kansas City Veterans Charity

    Board service is also a part of our culture. Our founders have served on boards for Microsoft, SITAKS, The Social Media Club of Johnson County and as adjunct for the Johnson County Community College and the Art Institute of Kansas City.

    We are in year one of a three year planning process to launch our own vision; The Reclamation Project. Our vision is to begin returning balance to the urban core by using Technology, Education and Creative services to rebuild, retrain and reclaim Kansas City one block at a time.
  • Why B2i?

    The reason that we limit ourselves to just Technology, Education and Creative is because that's what we do best, better than anyone really. It's what we love. It's our passion, our life's work and our legacy.

    There is also a reason that there are only two owners in our company. We agreed long ago that great companies can only remain great by delivering exceptional value in every endeavor. When a company gets too big the vision slips out of focus. The rent and the bills conflict with the founders ideals. At B2i we may manage hundreds of individuals on projects but at the end of the day there are two men responsible for every decision made.

    And there's a reason our clients keep coming back to us year after year. We get shit done. No muss, no fuss. We speak the plain truth. A common saying on our team is that when the client finds success we get a rest. We take whatever is broken, misunderstood, damaged or just under-developed and drive the highest value in the shortest time frame with 100% success.

    The B2i way isn't for everyone. If you want a traditional ad agency we're happy to refer you to one. If you're looking for certifications in industry disciplines we know folks who do that too. If you need someone to create a brochure website we can find hundreds of companies that will do that but if you're ready to challenge your business to grow, change, improve and impact then we should talk.
  • Our Clients

    B2i Ventures Client List The following list reflects our current and recent clients. For an exhaustive list of the hundreds of projects we've worked on please Contact Us

    Global Clients
    Nueterra Health International
    Johnson & Johnson

    National Clients
    Conference Plus
    The Federal Reserve
    Asante Samuel
    M&I Bank
    Justin Brands

    Kansas City Regional Clients
    North Kansas City Hospital
    Spencer Reed
    Girard National Bank
    First State Bank of Tonganoxie
    Johnson County Public Library
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  • Our Founders

    Founded by Doug Richards and Scott Allen B2i Ventures is the product of the power of if. Drawing from the strength of a twenty-plus year friendship B2i Ventures is our way of working out the answer to the quesition; "What if...".

    What if we built a company that gave equal opportunity for success to all? What if that company was our vehicle for spreading our passion for the arts, education, social endeavors, technology, creativity, fair-play and shared success? What if there was a better way to balance work, life and play?

    Our clients often comment on our enthusiasm. It's easy to see that we love what we do and we literally wouldn' t have it any other way. Not every project is a good fit for us or a client and when that happens we don't chase the money, we recommend the best solution. We're consistently sought out for our advice and happy to give it to anyone who will receive it for free whenever we can.

    Our mission is simple and hopefully contagious; make it count.